Monika Dixon Public Relations creates integrated marketing communication programs using the client’s business objective as a foundation.

MDPR implements custom marketing and social media strategies specifically tailored to clients’ unique needs. Leveraging expertise in media relations, promotional event planning, strategic marketing, and experience in the fashion and retail industries, MDPR brings an extensive network into play to generate dynamic results in name recognition and brand awareness.


– Product market expertise

– Brand development and consultation

– Website development and consultation

– Social media visual set up

– Professional photography

– PR editorial strategy development

– Strategic introductions

– Brainstorming and strategic thinking sessions

– Charity outreach strategies

– Introductions to area influencers and other brand partnerships

– Developing business affiliates

– Promotional tie-ins


– Special event planning and execution
(grand opening events, product launches, charity functions, fashion shows, hospitality suites, in-store events, trunk shows, editorial events and press previews)

– Full-service event conceptualization

– Event production

– Strategic guest list

– Charity collaborations

– Sponsorship collaborations

– Celebrity booking


– Personal branding

– Developing client’s biography

– Developing client’s press release

– Creating personal, product and event pitches

– Event pre- and post- press outreach and placements

– Social media campaigns

– TV placements

– Product placements

– Blogger Outreach


– Setting up your FB/Twitter/Linked In/ YouTube account

– Providing high quality graphics

– Content/campaign creation

– Post generation

– Blog design

– Relationship building



Monika Dixon is the founder of Monika Dixon Public Relations, and the mastermind behind the Social Networking Company, BeeCloser. Dixon is an expert marketing consultant and networker with a passion for connecting communities and creating strategic partnerships. A native of Poland, Monika began BeeCloser in 2009 to connect Chicago’s broad Polish-American community with business opportunities, cultural events, and new networking possibilities. She recognizes that achieving notoriety in the Polish community has been no easy feat, but with her dedication for bridging an extensive gap between the two, she continues to provide outstanding results and name recognition for all of her clients, which has led to the creation of ‘Monika Dixon Public Relations.’

In addition to being one of Chicago’s most notable connectors and networking liaisons, Dixon is well-recognized for her personal style. CS Magazine voted her “Chicago’s best-dressed businesswoman” in their September 2011 issue, and Michigan Avenue Magazine presented a feature on her in November 2011.

Monika is a dedicated wife and mother of two who spends a significant amount of her time contributing to charities. Currently she serves on the 100 for 100 Board Alumni for Public Schools, Friends of Conservation, Bear Necessities and is an advisor for The Polish American Leadership PAC.