Emily Cleary is the ambitious, fresh perspective at MDpr as our Junior Brand Associate. Beginning with her monthly stack of fashion magazines as a pre-teen, Emily has possessed a lifelong passion for writing and editorial. Over the years, her passion developed into a larger love of communication, including social media and public relations. While studying to receive her Bachelors degree in News-Editorial Journalism from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Emily honed her writing and communication skills by working as an Assistant Editor at a community arts paper called Buzz, interning at Teen Vogue‘s New York City office, writing for and then serving as the President of a national online magazine called Her Campus Illinois, spending a semester in London studying Fashion Marketing, interning at a marketing and editorial website called, and working as a freelance social media manager. Since graduating Summa Cum Laude from U of I in May 2012, Emily has followed her dreams of pursuing a career in communications, as she now works closely with editorial, social media and public relations projects at MDpr. When she’s not working, Emily lives and breathes fashion, and spends her time with friends and family, reading, blogging, taking pictures, running and exploring Chicago.

Brendan Leahy lives and breathes cinematography. Ever since a young age, Brendan knew that creating films was what he wanted to do. He graduated from DePaul University in 2010 with a degree in Cinematography and didn’t waste any time to pursue his dream. Since graduating, Brendan has been freelancing, and also opened his own company in November 2010 by the name of Digital Skylight. For inspiration, Brendan watches as much of other people’s work as possible to allow himself to grow and develop new ideas. What’s unique about Brendan’s work is that he is not afraid to take risks and always finds a fresh angle to make every client’s product special. Brendan specializes in and enjoys shooting events, commercials, music videos and documentaries. During his free time, Brendan does a lot of traveling to different countries, primarily to find inspiration and to gain more experience in cinematography.

Kamil Bartoszcze is Monika Dixon’s sound engineer and music master. A self described “music fanatic,” he multitasks between mixing music, leveling sound effects, and attending to all technical details that bring guests’ ears the clear, crisp sounds that make each event with Monika Dixon a special occasion. The owner and founder of KBE Studios (Kamil Bartoszcze Entertainment), Kamil’s passion is helping people’s musical dreams come true. He has produced music for over seventy musicians and groups, including Vox Gloria, Angelus, and Christian singer Phil Caffee. He also performed the lights and sound engineering for Caffe’s successful full length CD release party, which drew over 700 guests. Additionally, Kamil is known for his musical scores, including one he composed for the statue unveiling of internationally acclaimed underwater photographer Ernie Brooks. Kamil’s portfolio also includes commercial work for companies such as Spirit Justice Studios and the Polish Slavic Credit Union. When he is not mixing, writing, arranging, or producing music in his studio, Kamil teaches voice and piano lessons. He also provides quality sound for occasions ranging from weddings to corporate events. You can find out more about Kamil and his services at

Kristin Kojzarek is our award-winning writer, editor, and blogger. She loves using her creative storytelling and technical writing skills to help clients articulate and communicate their greatest strengths. One of her top talents lies in her ability to crystallize a client’s core message, breaking down complex information into understandable, polished pieces for maximum impact. Before her foray into public relations, Kristin honed her print journalism skills at the award-winning newspaper The Woodstock Independent, where she worked as reporter, covering local news and feature stories, including articles for their sister publication, The Torch. After building a packed portfolio, she ventured into public relations and used her writing to successfully place clients in local and national media. Kristin graduated with a B.A. in English from Lake Forest College, where she completed an intensive writing curriculum with honors and served as one of the editors for the school’s award-winning student journal. She is quite fond of vintage clothing, old architecture, poetry, feature writing, and concocting random tea permutations.

Marcin Cymmer is our go-to photographer who never fails to perfectly capture the vision of MDpr clients. Even though he only became a professional about two years ago, Marcin has been taking photographs since he was 10 years old. In addition to his impressive raw talent, he gained significant experience and technical training while studying Visual Communications at Triton College, Norridge. His real passion lies with taking pictures of small objects. Marcin’s expertise is his impeccable attention to detail and post production. By choosing the right angles, lighting and product placement, he makes products look incredible. Marcin finds inspiration in a variety of sources. He constantly looks through magazines, and specifically commercial photography. Noel Barnhurts and Alex Koloskov are two photographers that continually influence his work. Besides being consumed by the world of photography, Marcin enjoys traveling with his family.