“Working with Monika Dixon and MDpr is always a pleasure. They are great at understanding how a person’s business meets a market need and creating awareness around it. They are invested in their clients, always responsive and great at connecting her clients with the right people.”  –Ericson Consulting Group

“I wish to share some of my thoughts regarding Monica Dixon Public Relations who has been a great source of recommendation to my business for the last few years. Monica’s connection and professionalism Helped to built up my business. I have recommended Monica in the past and will continue to do so in the future!” –Marek Kiela, President of Blue Sky Taxi  Aviation Group

“From our very first meeting, I knew that Monika Dixon Public Relations would bring our company (Luxury Management) to the next level of business. She wasted no time researching everything from our website to our Facebook – proactively taking the initiative to understand our brand and mission. Working together has been an experience that blends professionalism, honestly, motivation and fun!” -Sebastian Ricardo, LUX MGT Owner

“Monika has a talent for developing long-lasting relationships with intrepid brands. MDpr is aware of trends and new developments, Monika’s creativity is visible through her actions and working with her was a fabulous experience!” -Laura Schwartz, Author of Eat, Drink & Succeed and the White House Director of Events, The Clinton Administration

“My name is Lonnie Rodriguez and I am currently a partner of Genuine Entertainment Chicago located in Chicago. I have been in the event planning & promotions business for over 15 years, and have worked with many PR & marketing companies. Over the past few years we have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Monika Dixon on several special events. She has always displayed a true sense of professionalism and her relationships with Chicago’s media, who’s who & trend setters has proven to be a valuable asset in her marketable outreach. It is my pleasure and certainly an honor to highly recommend the outstanding services of Monika Dixon.” -Lonnie Rodriguez, Genuine Entertainment Chicago

“I was referred to Monika Dixon by a friend of mine who felt that she is the best in the industry. Monika’s passion and love for people and what she does goes above and beyond her responsibilities that is on the contract. When you work with her you feel very special and taken care of, her professionalism shines through each project that she is involved in. She pays attention to every little details and truly listens and understand her clients inner wishes and desires. Working with someone as a publicist requires a lot of patience and ability to deliver to a client Monika takes her job very seriously as if she was on  the other side…To transfer someone dreams into a reality that is Monika Dixon Public Relation’s gift!!!!” -Yana German, Founder of Yana German School of Walk

“It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Monika Dixon of Monika Dixon Public Relations. She is an incredibly unique individual with a manner of thinking built for the PR industry. Over the last year I have known Monika, I have been continually impressed by the technical creativity and the enthusiasm that permeates everything she does. Monika has been key in creating many of the improvements in Paradigm Shift’s outward appearance during her representation of Paradigm Shift.. Among these improvements are the establishment and expansion of Paradigm Shift’s social media presence and the introduction of marketing principles that will reshape Paradigm Shift’s effectiveness and image for the rest of Paradigm Shift’s existence. While managing PR for Paradigm Shift, Monika gave us the tools necessary to be able to excel in the industry. Monika has been vital in ensuring our success and accordingly the success of the Paradigm Shift overall team. I can say without a doubt that Monika has some of the best, if not the best, marketing and public relations skills in the PR industry. While Monika has done a great job at the global PR level, her experience with media and public relations extends far beyond that. Monika has assisted with marketing, branding, and graphic designing to shape our brand. Monika has proven that she has built relationships with people across public relations, marketing, and other related industries that only strengthen her ideas and direction when she needs to call upon them for brainstorming and advice. I believe strongly in Monika’s ability to create a lasting positive change in any company that is wise enough to employ Monika Dixon PR. There is no person more qualified and more prepared to help excel the corporate image of any company.” –Anthony Berg

“Monika is a great connector. She is warm, sincere, and her attention to detail makes her a key contact to work with. Love MDpr.” –Andrea Metcalf, Founder TodayTVLive, best selling Author Naked Fitness, Celebrity Fitness Expert NBC Chicago

“Over the last year, MDpr has played an essential role on our PR activities at, and proved to be very capable and efficient all along. Monika Dixon is a professional who is extremely passionate and loyal to every project she takes on. With great networks, she is an impeccable individual and a leading and influential PR consultant. But beyond being reliable, I was always impressed with her ability to go above-and-beyond; to think of that additional idea, to contact that extra journalist or the tenacity to achieve the unexpected piece of coverage. I have worked with many PR agencies over the past several years, and MDpr stands head and shoulders over most, not only in demonstrated initiative, intelligence and creativity, but also in their ability to function as a productive member of a team. Monika’s intellect is matched by her ability to communicate clearly, and to project an open, friendly persona to others regardless of their, level of expertise. Monika’s excellent communication skills, positive outlook and pleasing personality enhance her natural leadership qualities. Her willingness to accept challenges and listen to input enable her to contribute thoughtful, well-reasoned approaches to helping others solve difficult problems. MDpr is a great resource to consult with on PR and marketing projects, no matter what industry. I recently hired MDpr for my new project, Status Magazine, and would recommend to others without any hesitation.”  -Yana Nirshberg, Editor in Chief ~ Co-Founder, Status Media Group

“Knowing that your PR firm and its representatives are passionate about you as a client builds the best kind of confidence. The reciprocal confidence I share with the team at MDpr means that I never have to doubt that they have my best interests at heart. And I can trust that their enthusiasm and sincere faith in me and my services comes through in every interaction they have with the media on my behalf.” – Eva Pawlus, Eco Tan Owner

“Monika is a pleasure to work with – she is hard working and extremely efficient. MDpr is super creative and amazing to collaborate with on event ideas and execution.” – Samantha Saifer Berngard, Director of Events at SPLASH, Sun-Times

“Monika hosted the Women’s Dream Conference at Centered Chef culinary studio. Her event was well organized as it was attended by some of Chicago’s most affluent women in business. Because of Monika’s passion and creativity, she was able to create an extremely engaged and impactful event.” – Ryan Hutmacher, Founder at Centered Chef Food Studios 

“Monika’s elegant taste, avante-garde style and magnetic personality bring together some of the most intriguing personalities in the city, resulting in events with a level of class and sophistication accomplished by few.” –Anderson Bell Fan Fueled Founder

“Thank you for inviting me to speak at your event. I was impressed with the professionalism, quality of the crowd, and was able to make some worthwhile contacts. I highly recommend your services and look forward to attending your next event.” -Jeff Pieta, CEO :: All Information Services, Inc. :: Adapt. Innovate. Succeed.

“Connected, smart, and professional, Monika Dixon Public Relations is a joy to work with and a force to be reckoned with.” –Kevin Boehm, Co-Owner at Boka Restaurant Group

“Monika’s social and public relations talents, professionalism, and warm personality are rare. MDpr is a most valued and recommended member and friend of the Polish American Chamber of Commerce.” Polish American Chamber of Commerce 

“As Founder of, I’ve worked with numerous PR agencies but Monika Dixon PR is in a league of its own. Monika Dixon PR doesn’t just make promises to its clients, it delivers results! Monika’s level of professionalism & passion for her work is unmatched. From producing A-list events to delivering unparalleled press coverage, Monika Dixon (and MDPR) is absolutely the “go-to” girl (and agency) for a company’s PR needs.” –Brette Borow, CEO/Founder of

“I’ve worked professionally with Monika Dixon and am privileged to also know her personally. Her talent, knowledge and event planning skills are nonpareil and I would highly recommend her and can’t wait to work with her again! Her high public profile is also an asset when attracting people to her client’s events. Everyone I know loves her and I do too.” –Candice Jordan