Event Marketing
event marketing

Participation, preference or purchase: in the end, our true measure of progress is when we evoke a positive memory that ignites action. We create experiences that are not just 'live'; they are lived and re-lived, drive conversation, and ultimately lead to behavioral or attitudinal change.

We know what it takes to make a memory.

By harnessing strategic insights and pairing them with a lot of creative inspiration, we’ve sparked some of the most adventurous ideas in the business. Our team employs maximum creativity + imagination to put on buzz-worthy events that establish communication channels between our client and their publics. 

From launch events to blogger brunches, we create experiences that inspire consumers.


event marketing services:

+ Event Planning
+ Event Publicity
+ Sponsorship & Partnership Coordination
+ Invite Production, Distribution & Response Casting
+ Research: Venue, Dates, Pricing, etc.
+ Speech Writing
+ Organization of Catering & Supporting Materials
+ Guest List Creation