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The PR world is shifting - and it's our job to stay in front of the evolution. Our world craves connection. We crave raw emotions and unapologetic honesty. With the continuous rise of social media and blogging, the consumer looks to influencers for advice, fashion tips, recipes, inspiration, or to simply be reminded that they are heard.

But how does one become an influencer? Or how can a brand connect with an influencer to promote their brand? 

That's where we come in.

We believe it’s all about the experts who lead this revolutionary shift. Our agency has successfully tapped into the influencer market to create a credible presence in your field. 


Blogs are well-established means of communicating directly with the online community, and are a key way to publish your latest news, events, products, campaigns, and stories directly to your audience. We examine information flow, blog structure and ease-of-access to relevant information, making it simple for your readers to find what they are looking for. We draft blog post copy and create original content, helping you spread the information about you more widely.

Our blogging approach will…

+ Assess your presence online, helping you understand the size and scope of the conversations and awareness of you, your business or campaign

+ Provide a plan of action, explaining how our team of digital experts and writers will work with you to boost your current presence, your services and mapping the key influencers

+ Execute that plan, providing targeted content, real-time online conversations, and digital community management

Our blogging services are available individually, or as part of an integrated social media and media relations campaign.


INFLUENCER marketing

MDPR is leading the way in influencer engagement and has proven, working relationships with key digital influencers. Our marketing team uses a proprietary, targeted approach to reach the stakeholders who drive change within their reach. We engage with bloggers, vloggers, brand ambassadors and strategically earn thoughtful digital wins in blogs, YouTube channels, and social platforms.